Music is Medicine
Music is Medicine

Welcome to the Music is Medicine Community

Moving the body, mind, and soul to uplift the world within and around

About Us

Created by world soul artist and educator Poranguí and his wife Ashley, their mission is to bring together their global community to experience music as healing and transformation, inspire and empower one another, and live into our role as stewards of the earth. 

Music as Medicine was birthed in a retreat format to empower individuals as the unique instruments that they each are. It then grew into a day-long touring live event and now has expanded into a global online community. 

The Community

Join the community (free!) to connect with Poranguí, Ashley, and each other in deeper ways without the distractions of social media.

  • Preview new music and videos before they’re released

  • Behind the scenes and creative process videos 

  • Meet people near you who share your interests 

  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and genuine positivity to fuel your life's purpose.

Opportunities to join paid groups as a patron of the platform with special benefits and experiences. See the plans below for more information. 

Bonus: This platform will be the home for future online courses!

What it Means to be a Patron


Beyond creating a community platform, Music Is Medicine is also a place for fans to be active participants in Poranguí’s work and music by joining with a monthly membership. As a member you receive access to exclusive content, livestream replays, learning opportunities, and more. In exchange, you are helping Poranguí have the freedom to create music, courses, and the stability needed to thrive in a quickly evolving industry. For a full description of plans and their benefits, scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

No one knows what is next for the music industry, when we can start touring again, or what the future will hold. What we do know is that we are leaning into the mystery, and we will continue to create and serve our greater community in the best way that we can. We believe this is needed now more than ever. Music is the medicine.


We can’t do this without your support Família, and we wouldn’t want to.  This is an offering from our hearts to yours and this platform is a co-creative journey. We welcome your feedback as we grow together.